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At Spoak, your information is safe and confidential. We work hard to manage all your personal data with care both on our website and in discussions with us regarding your order. We would advise all users of our website to ensure you are familiar with our Privacy Policy before sharing any information, either via our website, or other correspondence. 
For us to complete your order successfully, Spoak will request personal data such as, but not limited to, the following: full name, email address, contact number, delivery address and payment information. Without these details it may not be possible to satisfy your request.

Spoak’s web servers may also collect data relating to your online session, the use of which is to provide aggregated, anonymous, statistical information on the server's usage so that we may better meet the demands and expectations of visitors to our sites. This type of data may include, but is not limited to: the browser type and version, operating system and domain name.

Spoak also uses personal data for purposes of administering our business activities, providing customer service and making available other products and services to our current and prospective customers.

The main purposes for which personal data may be used by us are: sending information in relation to our products and services, activities, competitions, promotions and events; marketing and promotional purposes; joint marketing schemes with other parties; customising the advertising and content you visit so as to streamline your online experience at our site and to provide personalised marketing and promotional information;fulfilling any of your orders for products and services, order processing and payment clearing; responding to your enquiries; collecting statistical information, conducting analysis and providing anonymous reporting for internal and external clients; conducting surveys relating to our customers, products or services; evaluation and further enhancement of our products and services and fulfilling any purpose directly related to the any of the aforementioned.

Spoak reserves the full rights to modify our Privacy Practises at any time. These changes are effective immediately upon publication and it is the user’s responsibility to stay up to date with these changes. Your interaction with Spoak will be taken as your familiarity and accordance with these changes. 

If you require any more information regarding these Privacy Practises, please contact us at

These Terms and Conditions are current as of September 2020.

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